Full Moon: Making Of *video*

If the past is unchangeable and the future is unwritten then the present, we can surely agree, is truly a gift—in this case a gift that our elite ambassador and pro snowboard powerhouse Leanne Pelosi has given to women in sport with her latest film venture, Full Moon.

Two years in the making with some of the best in the business (the film features riders Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Marie France Roy, Helen Schettini and Robin Van Gyn), Full Moon is less stereotypical snowboard porn and more a cultural preservation, sharing the history of women’s snowboarding to inspire the next generation of riders.

Make no mistake, there’s plenty of gnarly lines, big airs and even bigger backcountry victories to make jaws drop, but Full Moon’s grandest triumph just might be how much it makes us want to call up our best friends, and get out there together. Or as Pelosi says, “When you surround yourself with the right people, that’s when the magic happens.”

We go behind the scenes in the making of Full Moon.  




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